On Saturday, January 13 at the Skiing and Recreation Center Harenda, this year's Zakopane Cup in Alpine Skiing for Amateurs was inaugurated. In the first edition of the Cup a large group of excellent players and competitors who competed in parallel slalom started. An exciting competition was watched by the audience who, despite the cold, bravely cheered on the players.

The weather helped the organizers a little and at night before the competition snow grew. The competitors in the category of women and men were divided according to age groups. Harenda's slope is not the easiest one and one could expect various solutions. In the end, the best among women in their categories were: Rumińska Zofia, Tlałka-Długosz Małgorzata, Stoch-Kolasa Magdalena, Pawłowska Paulina. On the other hand, men won: Gomuliński Andrzej, Bucki Paweł, Majcher Grzegorz, Gał Przemysław. The best skiers received commemorative medals, cups and prizes.

The full results of all classifications are below.

The competitions held as part of the Zakopane Cup are also included in the Polish Amateur Championships PZN 2017/2018.

The next edition of the competition will take place on 3 February on Kasprowy Wierch - it will be a giant slalom, then on February 10 on Harendzie - slalom, and the grand finale will be played on February 24 at Polana Szymoszkowa - where the contestants will compete in the giant slalom.

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