Schedule of the 5th Zakopane Cup in Alpine Skiing for Amateurs,

on January 13, 2018

Parallel slalom

h. 7.15 - 8.30
- Opening and running the competition office (issuing start numbers, accepting subscriptions and statements).

h. 8.30 - 8.50
- Viewing the route of the qualifying slalom.

h. 9.00
- Starting the competition and starting the first player according to the regulations.

Additional information:
- We anticipate an approximate start time in ¼ of the knockout system at 11.00.
- Rides will be held successively in groups for each player on the red and blue track.
- Before the start of each phase, the players draw the color of the track until the first pass.
- About 14.00 we anticipate the grand opening ceremony of the 5th Zakopane Cup in Alpine Skiing for Amateurs 2018.
- About 14.20 there will be a hand of cups and prizes for the winners of the first edition of the competition.

Points for the Polish Cup ranking will be determined according to the Regulations of the PZN Polish Amateur Cup.

Technical informations:
After completing the qualifying run, eight players with the best times from each age group pass to ¼ finals and are placed in doubles according to the system 1 - 8, 2 - 7, etc.
In the case of an odd number in one of the groups, the player from No. 1 proceeds to the next phase automatically, while the remaining ones are eliminated by direct elimination.
In the case of three competitors in the group after the elimination run, the final for two players with the best times is played.
In order for the group to be counted in the elimination run, at least two competitors must start.
If there is only one player in the cup elimination system group, he / she will be included in the younger group.

In the case of the youngest group, there is no possibility of classifying such a player or player or inclusion in any of the groups.


Due to the competition on 13/01/2018, customers will be closed for approx. 14.00 hours for plovers with a length of 470 m and 320 m.

Opened non-stop will be a 250 m plow and chair lift.