On Saturday, February 10, the next edition of the competition took place at the Zakopane Harendzie, the 5th Zakopane party in Alpine Skiing. For the third and penultimate competition of this year's cycle.


On Harendzie amateurs competed in the special slalom, as it turned out it was a very even and fierce fight. Almost 80 participants and participants from abroad also took part in the competition. The technically difficult competition meant that 62 people remained in the second leg and the general classification brought a few surprises. The best among women in their categories were: Rumińska Zofia, Tlałka-Długosz Małgorzata, Pawłowska Dominika, Pawłowska Paulina. Among men, the winners were: Biel Alfred, Dziubek Tadeusz, Gomuliński Andrzej, Krasula Paweł, Bucki Paweł, Kurek Grzegorz and Czyż Marcin. The best in their age categories received cups and commemorative medals, specially prepared by the ski station vouchers for ski lifts as well as tasty and energetic snacks from the Partners of Tastes of Georgia and Neon.

The full results of all classifications can be found below and on the website www.zakopane.pl/przem-zakopanej.
For the first time in a project popularizing alpine skiing there were also competitions for children XLI School Winter Sport League in Alpine Skiing and an open competition organized by the HSKI Ski School of Harenda.

It is worth recalling that in this year's Zakopane Cup final, the prize pool prepared by the Zakopian Center for Culturewynosi 30 thousand. PLN for use in Polar Sport stores for products of the Strategic Partner of the Dynafit brand competition.