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"Harenda"Regional Inn

In the season 2008/2009 we have opened a new, larger Harenda Regional Inn, which is located above the cashier, near the bottom station of the chairlift.

Here, 350 people can be accommodated; 

We also offer the possibility of organizing closed events (company events, weddings, baptisms, etc. with professional waiter service).

Harenda Regional Inn
phone number.: 603 59 15 56
Reservation – weddings , christining events, group events

Other inns and mini bars

We want to kindly invite you to two regional inns, a minibar at the upper railway station and to a view terrace, located in the resort area.
The car park capacity is 150 and is located close to the ski lifts.
The small regional inn is located in the middle of the slope on the chairlift route. Here you can relax and cook a fried sausage on the fireplace.
This is very close to the bottom of the slope...
At the top station of the chairlift there is a lookout terrace with Glass windows at the Żywiec beer inn.
The panoramic view from the beautiful terrace will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

"At Harenda everything is within the reach of your hands, you can relax whilst having a wonderful time on the slopes"

Chefs and staff serving regional cuisine, oscypek, moskole – potato pancakes, mulled wine and beer....
There is no chance to be cold in our inn.

We invite you kindly to Harenda!